Grande Night

Hexaptych « Grande Night » 2011-2016

These six albums tell the musical story of « Grande Night ». The story of a drowning into the night, more than 5 hours of music spread over 24 pieces into 6 albums.

Grande Night

  1. (slow drowning in the lights of devotional and cold) MATIERE NOIRE – 2011
  2. Into Infinite Winding – 2013
  3. Coma – 2013
  4. Lumière noire – 2014
  5. Death and the void – 2015
  6. Night, after night, after night – 2016

(slow drowning in the lights of devotional and cold) MATIERE NOIRE – 2011

The (slow drowning in the lights of devotional and cold) matière noire is an artistic performance where music, visuals and videos were created and improvised at the same time, in the same studio record room @ the Studio Ka (North of France) on February 22th 2011.

« God, I dig this record!
Five airy, warm falls with some steel sound granules are masterfully etched on devout synth background. Crap, the name of the 2 and 3 tracks can tell everything about them. I mean it. They’re truly warm, truly safe and truly still. Total infallibility of the slightly ambient sound. Track four is something different. It starts with more melodic/organic vibes which end up in a storm noise fury; while the last track uses absolutely abstract approach colliding quiet drones with delayed and a bit dissonant vocals.
Highly recommended. »

Into infinite winding – 2013

« Der tschechische Kinderfilmregisseur Karel Zeman liebte Jules Verne. Von ihm stammt der schöne Animationsfilm « Das gestohlene Luftschiff » (1966). Die französische Ambient-Band WHEN DAY CHOKES THE NIGHT hat ihn kürzlich für ein Musikvideo (Broken Airship, Pt. I.II.III) entdeckt. Ob sie die Berliner Indiepop-Band ME TO MY WALL kennen, die den Film bereits im letzten Jahr für ihren Song ‘Hours’ benutzten? Der Track befindet sich auf ihrem Erstling Marie Antoinette. »

COMA – 2013

COMA is the twenty-fourth release of When Day Chokes The Night and has been recorded as if it were the original soundtrack of two works :

De Meester en de Reus aka The Master and the Giant (1980). Between documentary and fiction, De Meester en de Reus approaches the topic of the rivalry in the creation: a first God created the world, a second God destroyed it to build one new, better. Myth and reality meet in this film that puts in scene two different universes: a man and a woman in a neighborhood in demolition of Amsterdam, and images of the life in the confines of the tunecian Sahara. Written by Johan van der Keuken in collaboration with Claude Ménard.

The depression and the deterioration of Pierre Guyotat’s physical and mental culminated, in December 1981, in a coma. This adventure made the French writer write the book COMA (2006).

The sound of COMA is as slow and painful as numb and introspective.

« Une profonde mélancolie se dégage alors de Coma, soufflant une légère brise par une exécution en retenue. La notion de temps s’efface, ouvrant la voie à un champ où l’intimité n’interagit plus qu’avec elle-même. »

Lumière noire – 2014

« Lumière noire » is an artistic performance improvised and recorded live @ Hinterland (North of France) on March 22th 2014. Hinterland is a warm and welcoming home for artists (musicians and so on). In a world that looks like a liquid desert, it is not hard to clear a path. The challenge is to recognize it as a path after a while. These songs were recorded in the dark, surrounded by lovely and sleepy people.

« Le type de musique proposée par Lumière Noire porte un nom. On appelle ça un drone. Il existe toutes sortes de drones, des sombres, des complexes, des vibrillonants, des massifs et même des insupportables. Ceux inclus dans Lumière Noire sont épurés, célestes, lumineux. Ils sont la preuve éclatante et somptueuse du haut degré atteint par l’art des sons de Jean Debaecker. Bien sûr, certains pourront être déroutés par cette musique sans mélodie, d’une lenteur immense voulue et assumée. Il faut pourtant savoir dépasser toute appréhension et se plonger, avec délice, dans ce bain d’apensateur sonore. C’est alors qu’on découvrira toute la richesse et la beauté de cet album ô combien réussi. »

Death and the void – 2015

This album is all about immobility despite the excitement of our senses – immobility in a space where one would leap into life, rush to joy and fly to love.

Night, after night, after night – 2016

This 30th release goes onward and outward, drowning into dizziness where nothing collapses but eyelids closing slowly and painfully. Recorded live on two-track equipment in one take.